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The voice behind ‘Lisa, it’s your birthday’

October 12, 2015 • By


Mike is a producer of The Simpsons and worked as showrunner for season three and four of the series. He also wrote ‘Stark Raving Dad’, which featured Michael Jackson under a pseudonym of John Jay Smith.

He told us that when Michael came to set he was ‘normal by Hollywood standards’, except for when he went to sing and produced a white gentleman who proceeded to sing as Michael Jackson in the episode including during ‘Lisa It’s Your Birthday.’

So of course, we had to track down the man with the voice.

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More Michael Jackson personal Items and Iconic costumes in auction at Julien’s

October 12, 2015 • By

Julien’s Auctions are once again putting more Michael Jackson items on auctions.

The items have been seen in the past in Ireland, London, Tokyo and LA as part of the Bush & Tompkin’s collection.

The auction called “Icons & Idols 2015: Rock n’ Roll” will start at 10am on November 7th. and will contain some iconic costumes like the ‘Heal the World’ Jacket and a ‘Scream’ toy signed by Janet & Michael Jackson along some of the personal clothing and items.

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KINGVENTION 2016! The European Michael Jackson Convention will return!

October 11, 2015 • By

A month after KINGVENTION 2015 took place, the team (that’s us!) behind the first European Michael Jackson Convention which took place on September 12th 2015, have released a trailer announcing the return of Kingvention in 2016!

At the present time, dates and ticket information is not being released as we begin to create an event that will be both unique and exciting.

We have taken on board all the comments, suggestions, requests and feedback that we received through social media, emails and in person on the day so we can now work to make Kingvention 2016 the best it can possibly be.

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More about ATV/Sony Catalogue: Sony, Michael Jackson Estate in Talks for Transfer of Massive Catalog

October 10, 2015 • By


Sony ATV, the famous music-publishing catalog that Michael Jackson bought in 1985 and used for decades as a financial lifeline, will soon be sold in full to the late singer’s estate — or the estate may sell its own half back to Sony Corp. The technology giant will “either become 100 percent owner or divest,” a source close to the deal tells Rolling Stone, adding that Sony reps will soon meet with Jackson’s estate reps to work out the terms. The company has begun what is known as a “buy-sell process,” with one source saying that “this is just the first step” for the company.
The catalog, which owns publishing rights for 750,000 songs, including tracks by the Beatles, Taylor Swift, the Rolling Stones, Marvin Gaye and many others, is worth an estimated $2 billion. It has been a 50-50 venture between Sony and Jackson since 1995, when the King of Pop agreed to merge his share with Sony’s music-publishing catalog. In 2007, an auditor said Jackson’s half of the catalog was worth $390 million — providing crucial assets for the big-spending superstar during a period when he was releasing almost no new music or making money off concert tours.

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Brand New Official Michael Jackson Calendar 2016

October 9, 2015 • By

Coming into 5 colours to collect, The brand New Michael Jackson Calendar 2016 has finally arrived!



It’s time for a new official Michael Jackson 2016 Calendar! Featuring 14 images from Michael’s legendary career and Michael’s image from Invincible, available in 5 colors, this calendar is now available for preorder. *

The new calendar is your first look at what’s to come from the Michael Jackson Official Store, which is coming under new management. Look out for other new products, and a new look to the store, coming soon!

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