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  • Michael Jackson - 2014 in review. MJVibe gives a run down of the past year's key topics in the world of the King of Pop
  • Dangerous Wins: Michael Jackson fans vote 'Dangerous World Tour' as their number one The 2014 Top Michael Jackson 100, touring category.
  • Xscape finishes at #14 on the list of best selling albums for 2014.

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Spike Lee Exclusive

Spike Lee is known around the world not just for his work with Michael Jackson, but for being a legendary film director. Iconic strive to ensure we get the people with the stories for our readers. Find out the journey to interview Spike Lee read more… 

Iconic Exclusive Rusty Interview

Exclusive with Rusty!

Iconic Magazine is widely recognised for interviewing those who worked with Michael across different projects and different eras. For our 15th Issue we reached out to the man behind Captain Eo, Rusty Lemorande for an chat about working with Michael.  read more…


9 Statues of The King of Pop

When it comes to Michael, there is simply no way he can be replicated. But that’s not to say many haven’t tried…in statue form…these 9 statues show interesting takes on the most famous man to grace the planet… Check it out…

MJVibe's Xscape

MJVibe take on Xscape

In early 2014, with the news of the new Michael Jackson album Xscape, the MJVibe team decided to create a music video. Having never done anything like this before, the challenge was on. But after 10,000 vimeo views and counting…Here are the results…