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We’re at it again! This time, we’re filming a commercial for King of Shop Apparel and we want you to be a part of it! Click here to find out more.



Respect Your Monarch Xscape T Shirt

Respect Your Monarch!

MJVibe and King of Shop have launched their first official campaign ‘Respect Your Monarch’. The idea behind this unique initiative is to encourage the fans and the public to represent and wear the colours of the King loud and Proud.  read more…

Iconic Exclusive Rusty Interview

Exclusive Interview with Rusty!

Iconic Magazine is widely recognised for interviewing those who worked with Michael across different projects and different eras. For our 15th Issue we reached out to the man behind Captain Eo, Rusty Lemorande for an chat about working with Michael.  read more…


Iconic’s Neverland Issue Revealed

MJVibe and Iconic Magazine are pleased to announce our 16th Issue is dedicated to Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. Featuring exclusive interviews and articles, this is an issue not to be missed. Get Yours…


Neverland for Sale! Your Thoughts!

The news of Neverland going up for sale has come as a shock to us all. MJVibe wanted to offer fans a place to share their thoughts and feelings. Please add yours and let us know how it makes you feel… Click here to add your comments.