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King of Shop Massive Merchandise Giveaway!

November 18, 2017 • By

King of Shop, the Online Michael Jackson Merchandise Shop, will be giving away a massive Merchandise Giveaway worth of £350 to a lucky fan! Perfect for the festive period!

What to do?
Just enter your name and email address HERE and enter your chance to win ALL this:

  • Official Billie Jean Glove
  • Official Michael Jackson MJONE Christmas Ornament
  • Official 2018 Collectors Calendar
  • Moonwalker: The Storybook
  • Official King of Pop Tote Bag
  • Official Xscape Print
  • Official Bad25 T-Shirt
  • HIStatue 20th Anniversary T-Shirt
  • Kingvention 2017 T-Shirt
  • Keep the Faith 2016 T-Shirt
  • HIStatue Limited Edition Photopack
  • HIStatue Postcard Pack
  • Kingvention 2017 Tote Bag
  • Kingvention Lighter
  • Kingvention Pencil
  • Kingvention 4xBadge Pack
  • 3 x Steven-Paul Whitsitt Limited photo prints
  • Kingvention Program 2015
  • Kingvention Program 2016
  • Kingvention Program 2017
  • MJ Honors Program
  • Iconic Magazine Issue 24
  • Iconic Magazine – Xscape Special
  • Michael Jackson’s Wardrobe Gold Program
  • Kingvention 2016 Flask 
  • Sets of Postcards
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    Michael Jackson New York Mansion for sale

    November 16, 2017 • By

    The celebrity connections at 4 East 74th Street date all the way back to its construction in 1898 when architect Alexander Welch was commissioned to design the Beaux-Arts townhouse. Welch served as the consulting architect on the restorations of Alexander Hamilton’s Harlem home Hamilton Grange and George Washington’s headquarters in White Plains.

    The Upper East Side home was bought by Francis Lynde Stetson and his wife. Corporate attorney Stetson was at one time the law partner of Grover Cleveland. According to Curbed, who first spotted the listing, in more recent years, the 16-room mansion has counted among its residents artist Marc Chagall and Michael Jackson, who rented it in the 90s. Now don’t get too exited, Michael stayed there from August 1999 to February 2000 but he apparently rented the mansion few times before hand. read more

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    World Music Awards 2006 – What REALLY happened!

    November 15, 2017 • By

    If being a Michael fan was a legible job, I often wonder what would be in it’s description; loyal defend? campaigner? supporter? justice fighter? All come with the element of being ready for battle. As a fan it’s become our recognised role to fiercely defend Michael whenever and where ever possible and more importantly, to set the record straight in the face of lies and fabrication.

    As today is the 11th anniversary of the show, I felt it the perfect opportunity to finally set the record straight about something that well and truly made want to scream. The subject? The World Music Awards 2006 and the wide spread claims that Michael was ‘booed off stage,’ which is 100%, categorically untrue and I know this because I was there. Sadly what is the greatest day of my life, second only to the day I met Michael, which co incidentally was the day after the world music awards, was ultimately a catastrophic day for Michael and in order for me to debunk the booing claims I need to outline the events that led up to the claim. read more


    48 Years Ago Today, ‘I Want You Back’ Kicked It All Off For the Jackson 5

    November 15, 2017 • By

    The single that launched one of music’s most famous dynasties debuted on the Billboard Hot 100 exactly 48 years ago today. “I Want You Back,” the first Motown single by the Jackson 5, began its journey up the chart dated Nov. 15, 1969.

    It wasn’t the first single by the group of five brothers from Gary, Indiana. Their father, Joe, approached a local label, Steeltown, about signing his five sons. The Jacksons spent several consecutive Saturdays at Steeltown, recording a number of tracks, and on Jan. 31, 1968, the small independent firm released “Big Boy.” “It felt good to have a single out,” says Tito Jackson, second oldest of the group. “It made us feel like we were getting somewhere. We saw our record selling in stores. But we didn’t realize what a small level we were at in Gary, compared to the world.” read more


    Happy Birthday Pez!

    November 13, 2017 • By

    For those who don’t know Pez, he is the man behind not only MJVibe but also Editor-in-Chief of Iconic Magazine. He is also responsible for Sixteen11 which the home of ‘The Ultimate Collector Book Series’ and his own book “Off The Wall: from the Beginning, brick by brick”, King of Shop – the Michael Jackson Emporium, ‘Making HIStory Exhibition’ and of course the latest addition to his brainstorm: KINGVENTION, The European Michael Jackson Convention. Trust me when I say this will not stop there! read more