FUN: 10 Simple Workouts to Get Fit While Jamming Out to Michael Jackson’s Off the Wall Album

February 6, 2016 • By


After watching ‘Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off The Wall’ with a big bowl of popcorn, time to lose the calories people!

Just kidding! But Great Idea from VH1 and Lee Barney to do specific work out on Michael Jackson’s Off The Wall Album!

So here it starts:

Working out can be a real doozy, but two sure-fire ways to effectively get after that revenge body are to (1) bump some tunes and (2) ask a total babe to take his shirt off and coach you through it.

Michael Jackson provided the soundtrack. Model and bearded god Lee Barney provided the coaching (and abspiration). Lee, 25, hails from Philadelphia. He’s now based out of South Florida and his shirtless pictures have nearly broken Instagram. He graced our studios earlier this week to show us how he keeps his body right and to give us some tips to work out to MJ’s legendary Off the Wall album.

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Spike Lee’s signed ‘Bad25’ Documentary

February 5, 2016 • By

With ‘Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off The Wall’ just hours away to be viewed by millions, Spike Lee offer the ‘BAD25’ Documentary signed on his website for $50. You can select DVD or Blu-Ray!

A great collector to have!

BAD25 signed

For all the Michael Jackson fans out there, here is your chance to own Spike Lee’s BAD 25 on Blu-Ray and/or DVD. The documentary features an extensive look at the creation of Michael Jackson’s Bad album.



Michael Jackson Statue to return soon in Rio

February 5, 2016 • By

Following the damages caused to the ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ Statue in Santa Marta – Brazil [Read here the article on the damages], the artist Ique Woitschach has removed the statue for renovation.

The Statue is now back in Santa Marta and soon to be placed at his original place. The damages have been fixed and the statue should be placed back on site tomorrow [06/02/2016]

Here Ique with the statue:


SOURCE: Facebook

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‘The Wiz’ Star Stephanie Mills Opens Up About Dating Michael Jackson

February 5, 2016 • By


Grammy-winning star Stephanie Mills, who first eased on down the yellow brick road in the 1975 Broadway hit The Wiz and most recently played Auntie Em in NBC’s The Wiz Live!, opens up to Closer Weekly in an exclusive interview about what it was like romancing Michael Jackson.

“I loved Michael!” Stephanie tells Closer. “We dated for about a year and a half back in the day.” Stephanie got to see what Michael was like on and off-stage. “He was the sweetest, most compassionate, most loving person. Very soft-spoken and very humble.”

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The South Norwood mates in Michael Jackson street dance duo giving it all to become stars

February 3, 2016 • By


FROM delivery drivers by day to dancers by night, this energetic duo from South Norwood are giving it everything to get their name known.

Best friends of 10 years, Ronell Coward, 36, and Sean Russell, 30, formed their unique dance group New Image Duo featuring a ‘Michael Jackson vs Street Dancer’ performance three years ago.

Sean began moonwalking at just four-years-old when his granddad first played the King of Pop’s music to him, while Ronell grew up loving street dance.

Now, the pair, both from Selhurst Road, continue their day jobs to pay the bills but aspire to take their dancing passions full time.

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