As you all know, KINGVENTION – the European Michael Jackson Convention will take place inn Central London on September 21.

Following an earlier post on Social Media, the Event told fans that they have lost all their sponsors following the so called documentary “Leaving Neverland”.

Today, the event organisers are asking a bit of help from the fans, especially those who cannot attend the event.

Their aim is to put a massive Michael Jackson imagery outside the venue: The Saw Theatre which is in the center of London City near one of the busiest Train Station.

Here the facade they would like to cover up with Michael Jackson:

Here the full statement:

Kingvention was always scheduled to return in 2019 after taking a break last year. What we didn’t anticipate was how its return would come at a time of such unrest in the world of Michael Jackson.

So this year is different. We feel compelled to do Kingvention and to make it even bigger, even more celebratory and even more inclusive for Michael’s fans and we’re making every effort to do just that, which includes moving to a much grander venue.

But doing so ultimately comes with something London is famous for…a larger price tag. And we expected that, but we don’t want to comprise of making the event anything less than a huge celebration of Michael Jackson. 

So what do we need help with?
– We’d like to be able to absolutely cover the venue in all things Michael Jackson, including the outside facade. We want passers by to see that a Michael Jackson event is taking place, because he is loved and celebrated.
So, if you’re able to help with a small donation, £1, £5, £20, or whatever you’d like to give, we’d love to be able to make this a reality.

Why do we need support? 
– When we assessed how we’d like to dress the new venue, many factors came up including the need for specialist personnel and a ‘cherry picker’ (Beat It style!) to cover the outside facade. These all come with additional costs that we didn’t incur previously at our old venue. So any support we could receive in making this happen would be extremely welcomed.

What it’s important to know
– All the team who create and run Kingvention do so for free and aren’t paid for their time, efforts, involvement or participation on the day. They all work to create the event out of love for Michael Jackson. We pull in friends, partners, family members (even Grandparents!) to help so we can ensure every penny goes into making Kingvention even bigger and better each time.

So with all that said, if you’re able to make a small contribution we’d be most grateful. We’ll be sure to share plenty of pictures online after the event and we’ll even put your name in the program as a thank you.

You can also donate what you can:


For more information and tickets CLICK HERE