While everyone is talking about Neverland, well why not to speak about a real matter!

Ali, the elephant that used to live at Neverland Ranch until 1997, need a dentist [and that’s a fact!]

An expert dental team will extract Ali’s tooth at the Jacksonville Zoo and Gardens. Ali, 29 – has an infected tusk and the surgery is a major undertaking, involving experts from across the country.

Elephant tusks are specialized teeth and several years ago, Ali put a crack in his tusk.

“Over time, he developed a dental infection that keepers and Animal Health staff had been successfully treating but his infection recently worsened and the timee has come to take further action. The team intends to extract the tusk, If extraction is unsuccessful, then the tusk will be cleaned and drilled similar to how a root canal procedure would be performed” said the Zoo manager.

If left untreated, his infection could spread to other parts of his body. The complex surgery will be overseen by Jacksonville Zoo and gardens’ veterinarians and will include specialists from as far as San Diego and the UK.

Ali is the only bull elephant at the zoo.