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Michal Jackson unreleased album on auction?

July 12, 2017 • By


We all know the disaster of the Cassio tracks on the “Michael” album. It seems more are on offer in an Auction. Actually, apparently a full album!

The trickle of music from late pop icon Michael Jackson since his death in 2009 has frustrated some fans who anticipated a more robust posthumous stream of unheard tracks from the notorious studio rat musician. And while no new albums have been announced from the team running the King of Pop’s estate recently, a rare (or not so much) collection of mostly unheard songs is going under the gavel starting July 19th. read more

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NEW BOOK: The Ultimate Collector Book Volume VI

June 12, 2017 • By

Following the success of the Ultimate Collector Book Volume IV & V that regroups all the collectors and merchandise from the DANGEROUS & HIStory Era, Sixteen11 Media Group is prepping for the next chapter!

Today, the cover of the next volume has been revealed on social media:

The next volume compiled by Fabrice Ancellet (aka Hector Barjot for those who follow him) and Sebastian Mille is all about ‘INVINCIBLE’!

Speaking to Fabrice and Sebastian this week, the volume is now completed: “It was really hard one! We both were very surprised on how many items we found and compiled together. It has been a challenge for an era with barely any singles releases from the album! But we found so much more and we cannot wait for all the fans who collect to see them!” read more

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Superfly Summer with King of Shop

May 30, 2017 • By

It’s Summer!!!! And King of Shop is full of new goodies for you!

Obviously full of Michael Jackson Music supports, from Box sets to CD singles, you will find everything you need or want to complete your collection! From the Jackson 5 to Xscape, you have the choice from over 3,000 items!

But most important, King of Shop is the only online MJ Emporium where you will find thousands of T-shirts! While you are on the beach, show off your MJ colors! The selection here is so big that you can actually wear a different MJ T-shirt every single day of the month! read more

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MJ Collector Museum in Mexico City

December 31, 2016 • By


Aldo Montes, a MJ fan and collector of MJ Merchandise has just open a little museum in Mexico City!

The news and a great tour video was released by “Moondancers”, a Mexican MJ Social Medias platform.

Aldo Montes has given the time to do an interview and here the video – This video is only in Spanish:

SOURCE: Moondancers

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NEW BOOK: Magic in Motion: Michael Jackson through movies and video games

December 21, 2016 • By


A new book called “Magic in Motion: Michael Jackson through movies and video games” will be released in February 2017 written by Spanish Fan Toni Arias. The book is retrospective of all the projects that Michael Jackson participated or rumored to through movies and video games. It is still unclear of the full content of the book but we will keep you posted.

The book will be full of pictures and stories and will be around 400 pages. The book will be in Spanish.

Pre-Orders have started with a free T-shirt. CLICK HERE FOR PRE-ORDER read more