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Robert Axelrod died age 70.

September 8, 2019 • By

You might not know Robert Axelrod by name but you will recognise the voice and face!

First for those who know “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers” [1993-1995] will recognise the voice over for Lord Zedd, but most of the Michael Jackson Fans will recognise Robert’s face for being the tramp in the masterpiece video of “Stranger In Moscow”, single from the Michael Jackson’s 1995 Album “History” but also one of the most personal and heart broken song Michael ever wrote. read more


S.W.G to premiere a brand new Extended Video Version of “Man In The Mirror” at Kingvention

September 8, 2019 • By

The famous youtuber S.W.G. (Single White Glove) to premiere a brand new mix of “Man In The Mirror” at Kingvention, the Michael Jackson Convention in London on September 21.

For over 10 years, S.W.G. have been making extended mixes joined with videos of Michael Jackson’s songs. S.W.G. is very popular in the fan community with thousands of hits on youtube.

The S.W.G. Extended version of “Man In The Mirror” will be over 10min long and the video will be played for the first time at Kingvention. read more

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What if Michael Jackson collaborated with Bruno Mars?

September 5, 2019 • By

What if Bruno Mars and Michael Jackson worked together? This is a question that a lot of fans of both stars are often asking.

Well, the illusion is here! 2 impersonators, one of Bruno Mars: Johnny Matos and one of Michael Jackson: Ricardo Walker decided to do a pretty good video mixing both stars songs “Jam” & “Uptown Funk”.

Both Impersonators from Brazil were filmed by Cesar Raphael to create a smash-hit video which was released on Michael’s Birthday this year (29/08/2019 – Sorry we missed it) read more


LaShawn Daniels died.

September 4, 2019 • By

The Grammy-winning singer/songwriter and producer LaShawn Daniels has reportedly died at the age of 41.

The Songwriter is responsible for songs written for Invincible album with Dark Child: Heartbreaker, Invincible, Privacy, Threatened, Unbreakable, We’ve had Enough, Xscape and You Rock My World are the song he collaborate on.

LaShawn recently posted the picture above for the King of Pop’s Birthday.

RIP LaShawn Daniels, All our prayers to his friends and family.

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Motown to re-issue J5 Greatest Hits on clear vinyl

September 4, 2019 • By

Motown is re-issuing the Jackson 5 “Greatest Hits” on clear vinyl!

The original release of the Jackson 5’s Greatest Hits LP in 1971 was cause for celebration, as it encapsulated an extraordinary 18-month string of back-to-back hits and was itself a hit souvenir of Jacksonmania. It featured eight smash records, led by the group’s phenomenal Motown debut, “I Want You Back.”

This LP reissue is something new again: it features the rare quadrophonic mixes, originally released in Japan only in 1975. These mixes used alternate vocals and sometimes emphasized instrumentation not heard in the J5 singles or LP and as a result these versions are much sought-after. As within this edition these mixes are the stereo folds, consumers do not need a special decoder or four speakers to enjoy the music. read more