An Unseen picture of Michael Jackson dressed like in “Blood On The Dance Floor” Album cover and video has emerged on social medias.

The Estate of Michael Jackson released the picture after a competition for the release of the album compilation “Scream” and only fans in the US can view the picture on social medias (as the winner country of the competition) But All Michael Jackson Fans are winners so here it is!

Back in September, we promised an exclusive photo from the Estate’s archive to the territory that pre-ordered the most copies of SCREAM. The United States won that contest. For the next twelve hours, this photo is only available to be viewed by fans in the United States. Enjoy your “first look!”

Also Will Wilson revealed in Iconic Magazine Issue #7 that he received a set of photos of Michael Jackson dressed in this outfit and painted the album cover with the recommendation and notes from Michael himself. Maybe this is one of those pictures!

Cannot wait to see the full set of pictures! Hopefully one day!

Anyway, here it is:

SOURCE: The Estate of Michael Jackson