The Scream album! If we’d have said that about a month ago, it would be non-existent. But like a ghoul in the night, it was sort of sprung on us. It’s due to land in stores this Friday (29th September) and on a surprisingly warm Tuesday evening in London last night, the album had its official launch event.


Tickets were limited and the way to get them? A good old fashioned email saying ‘PICK ME’. The Event was two parts. The first a cinema screening including Michael Jackson’s Ghosts and the second an After Party at Freemason’s Hall in Covent Garden.

On arrival, the whole exterior was covered in Scream artwork with Michael’s name above the main entrance. There was a red carpet stretched out the front for a touch of class.

Scream wristbands were allocated to the growing line and eventually we were let in, through the Scream covered lobby and in to the screen. The general filing in soon turned to excitement as in each seat pocket was a pair of 3D glasses…the only words you could hear were ‘Thriller 3D?’

What seemed like an age as people took there seats (come on people, the invite said 6:30pm!) Radio presenter and now MJ Launch go-to guy Kevin Hughes took to the stage to announce that the screening  would include some of Michael’s short films, full length Ghosts and Thriller 3D….the cheer was deafening.

Finally, we began and the title of each video appeared on screen as if through a mist, followed below by songwriting credits. The order was:

  • Dirty Diana
  • Scream
  • Leave Me Alone
  • Torture
  • Blood On The Dance Floor

There was a cheer when Blood on the Dance Floor titles came up, but a theatre wide groan as the Refugee Camp mix kicked in. When will they learn, it’s always been about the original! Torture had the most laughs especially due to the waxwork of Michael that candidly appears.

Then the moment we were all there for, GHOSTS!!! Seeing it on the big screen was so much better! I was taking in every detail, not that I haven’t watched this for two decades already, but I wanted to savour the experience. As expected, we were cheering Michael on when it came to 2Bad, one of his best routines ever! Taking a scan around the room, you could see there were people who had not seen Ghosts before and they were clearly impressed! That’s our Michael! – This is what it’s about and this is why Ghosts needs a public release on DVD, although I hear there are apparently issues with the Kingdom setup as to why they can’t.

Following the credits, the screen went blue instructing us to put on the 3D glasses, naturally we mimicked the beginning of 2000 Watts.. “You may now apply, you 3D glass-es….as we prepare to proceed.”

The disclaimer came on the screen followed by the ‘Michael Jackson’s Thriller’ which came floating out of the screen towards us. The short film looked incredible in 3D, it felt like you were watching it being filmed right in front of your eyes, Michael literally popped out the screen and the colour had been enhanced incredibly. What was also noticeable was that the audio had been changed. The Bass line was slightly funkier and more compressed and other elements of the instrumentation had been stripped out. It was different, but would have been better if they’d left the instrumentation alone as neither Michael or Rod are here to approve the change and we know Quincy is not in the picture with the Estate.

Then when you think it’s all over, at the end of the credits, the zombie’s eyes pop out of the screen as neon green. There was again, massive applause.

It was then on to the After Party at the Freemason’s Hall. I’ve always wanted to go in there to see the decor, so was really excited. The large outside was lit up red with huge over arching trees and another red carpet. Heading upstairs to the large function space, they’d really gone all out. There were Ghosts style masks in all the floral displays, drinks and food everywhere and Michael on LOUD! There were 10 times more people than were at the cinema, a few TV stars and lots of industry people. The mood started quite calm, but as the drinks flowed and the tunes got better and louder, people let go and enjoyed Michael’s music as they should, dancing, singing and smiling!

Having to leave around 11pm (it’s now or never guys) we grabbed our free Scream launch t-shirt and tote bag.


I know that Scream has once again been a divider for the fans, but every project is. For me, it was nice to be at a event with others who want to enjoy the music and the short films and leave the politics at the door. I made a lot of new friends at the party, some i’ve seen across the fan circuit but not had the chance to speak with before, others who recently discovered Michael and also got to catch up with fans I used to know from outside Michael’s hotel. All in all, a positive night all about Michael!