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“Lip Sync Battle” will pay tribute to Michael Jackson

December 14, 2017 • By

The famous US show “Lip Sync Battle” will pay tribute to Michael Jackson with one hour live special in January! Even the Michael Jackson Estate is in the loop!

Paramount Network has announced that the TV show will kickoff featuring performances on Michael Jackson’s songs.

“The King of Pop is the most groundbreaking, theatrical superstar of all time and we are thrilled to be performing and celebrating the electrifying music of Michael Jackson on our big night,” said Casey Patterson, executive producer. “We are taking Lip Sync Battle to new heights, LIVE at The Dolby Theater for the launch of The Paramount Network.” read more

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Michael Jackson’s Halloween: The Review

November 6, 2017 • By

By now, many fans have watched “Michael Jackson’s Halloween”, the animated cartoon from CBS in conjunction with the Michael Jackson Estate.

The Story is simple. Two main characters go on a quest to save music and dance against an evil witch. Our lead male is Vincent (Lucas Till, MacGyver), the son of a grocery store owner, deemed to one day take over the business but really aspiring to be a DJ. The leading lady is Victoria (Kiersey Clemons, Neighbors 2), an intern for a corporation literally trying to get a job as an assistant while suppressing her passion for dance. Our hero and heroine cross paths thanks to a bike-chasing-dog-collision and end up at 777 Jackson Street (All fans will know the meaning of that number and that street) where they meet a mixture of characters (including Bubbles) while figuring out how to stop Conformity (the witch). read more

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John Branca On CBS Animated Special

October 26, 2017 • By

Michael Jackson will always will be synonymous with Halloween. The late pop star’s music still resonates deeply with fans all over the world and his music videos such as “Thriller” and “Ghost” demonstrate that Jackson had a strong affinity for the scary and spooky in life. On Friday, October 27, Jackson’s fans will be able to hear his music in a brand new way when CBS premieres “Michael Jackson’s Halloween” at 8pm EST. Produced by John Branca and John McClain, the executors of Jackson’s estate, this one hour animated special features some of the King of Pop’s most iconic tracks. read more

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New trailer for “Michael Jackson’s Halloween”

October 18, 2017 • By

getTV Celebrates Michael Jackson’s Birthday with 4 Episodes of CHER’s Variety Show ft. The Jacksons

August 11, 2017 • By

getTV will “turn back time” to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the birth of the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, on August 28 with four one hour episodes of Cher’s 1970’s variety series–with and without Sonny–featuring guest appearances by Michael and his siblings. getTV will kick off its Michael Jackson birthday party at 9PM ET with a 1976 “THE SONNY AND CHER SHOW” episode with special guest stars The Jacksons-Michael and brothers Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Randy–and legendary comedian Bob Hope. The brothers appear in some comedy sketches and perform “Enjoy Yourself.” Originally known as The Jackson 5, they became The Jacksons when their Motown contract expired and they went to Columbia Records, minus Jermaine, who was married to the daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy. read more