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getTV Celebrates Michael Jackson’s Birthday with 4 Episodes of CHER’s Variety Show ft. The Jacksons

August 11, 2017 • By

getTV will “turn back time” to celebrate the 59th anniversary of the birth of the “King of Pop,” Michael Jackson, on August 28 with four one hour episodes of Cher’s 1970’s variety series–with and without Sonny–featuring guest appearances by Michael and his siblings. getTV will kick off its Michael Jackson birthday party at 9PM ET with a 1976 “THE SONNY AND CHER SHOW” episode with special guest stars The Jacksons-Michael and brothers Jackie, Tito, Marlon and Randy–and legendary comedian Bob Hope. The brothers appear in some comedy sketches and perform “Enjoy Yourself.” Originally known as The Jackson 5, they became The Jacksons when their Motown contract expired and they went to Columbia Records, minus Jermaine, who was married to the daughter of Motown founder Berry Gordy. read more

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That Amazing “Stranger Things” Season 2 Trailer Almost Didn’t Use “Thriller”

August 1, 2017 • By

Darkness falls across the land.

Netflix may have won this year’s San Diego Comic-Con with their incredible trailer for the second season of “Stranger Things,“ premiering on October 27. Not only was it our first real look at the new season, but it also featured a pitch perfect use of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller” – complete with Vincent Price narration!
But we almost didn’t get that version of the trailer.

Speaking with io9, producer Shawn Levy just revealed that the original version of the trailer, up until a couple weeks before Comic-Con, actually did not feature the classic Halloween anthem. As he explains, acquiring the rights to the song was no easy task. read more

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Stranger Things 2 Trailer featuring Thriller

July 23, 2017 • By

Well, if you are a fan of Stranger Things, you are going to love the new trailer released at comic con.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is all over it! Hoping to see more Michael in the New season but for that, we will have to wait October 27! The new season takes place in 1984 (THRILLER!!), and it’s Halloween (THRILLER NIGHT!!).

Perfect for Halloween but also perfect for a Thriller Year!

Now the question is if the Estate of Michael Jackson gave their permission for the song to be played in either the trailer and the full season. We know they have been more flexible with movie sound tracks (Despicable me 3 with BAD) so hoping that one of the most popular Netflix Show gets the same approval! [the Estate of Michael Jackson was not reachable for comment] read more

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Animated TV Special: Michael Jackson’s Thriller coming this fall

July 11, 2017 • By

The Estate of Michael Jackson has announced an Animated TV Special coming this fall.

It will be broadcast on CBS in the US and there are deals with local broadcasters in other countries around the world.

The special will feature the music of the late pop star, as well as the voices of Christine Baranski and Alan Cumming.
CBS is looking to the music of Michael Jackson for its next project.

The network has teamed with the estate for a new animated special for which his extensive discography will serve as the soundtrack, it was announced Tuesday. read more

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Spanish Channel to air “This Is It” on June 25

June 19, 2017 • By