Everyone knows the Super Bowl and especially the 1993 Halftime show with Michael Jackson.

It seems the 2018 edition which will take place on February 4, will see a bit of Michael! Obviously not for the halftime show but in the commercials!

The newly launched Pepsi Generation campaign pays tribute to the company’s 120-year history in pop culture. So they’re bringing Cindy Crawford back. Even Michael Jackson might make a cameo for the 2018 Super Bowl as we might see footage of Michael Jackson’s original Pepsi commericals too!

“Since our brand was founded more than a century ago, Pepsi has stood for a youthful spirit and the choice of a new generation,” said Chad Stubbs, Vice President, Marketing, Pepsi Trademark, North America. “2018 will be a year to celebrate the past while embracing the future; always reminding consumers to do what they love and have a little fun in their lives.”

While we are waiting to watch the Super Bowl in few days, we might watch Michael in action: