With June 25 in few days, fans around the world are preparing to remember the King of Pop! 8 years already since the world has lost the biggest Entertainer ever lived on this planet! It is still hard to believe the new generation and the next are going to grow up without Michael Jackson, his talent, his dance and his music.

Across the world, fans will be remembering and honoring Michael Jackson. Each of us have a different way to do so, from going to see a MJ related show to lighting a candle at home. There is no better way than your own to cope with the grief and of course remembering our idol!

Of course, it will be up to you to see how you want to spend the day but here some of the main events or projects you might want to be part of:

Michael Jackson Memorial – NETHERLANDS
This will happen in Den Haag, the Netherlands with a full day including flashmobs, Lanterns on the beach (with benefits to go to charity) and impersonators. This event is really a mix of celebration of Michael Jackson life and remembering. If you are not into too much celebration, you are still able to go on the beach and reflect on the lost of Michael Jackson. For more in formation CLICK HERE

Michael Jackson 8th Anniversary Week – USA
Starting on June 17, a full week with different activities throughout the US. So many different little events here that you can select the day(s) that suite you the best. For more information, CLICK HERE

A group of fans will go from Belgium to the Michael Jackson Memorial in Netherlands (above), passing by the HIStory Statue in Best. For more information, CLICK HERE

One Rose for Michael – USA
Fans have been requested to purchase a rose for Michael which will all be put at Forest Lawn on June 25. For the last few years, a huge amount of roses have been set in front of the mausoleum and fans from all over the world flying in and spend the day there. Please note Media often cover that event with hundreds of fans of all sorts and obviously the huge amount of cut flowers present. For more information, CLICK HERE

The MJ Living Legacy Project – Worldwide
This is a very special project to us as we support it 100%. The aim is to give back to the planet by planting a tree, a plant or a flour on June 25. No matter where you are in the world, you can participate to this. The aim of this project is to give life all around the world to honour Michael Jackson. If you are into ecology and saving the planet, this event is for you! For more information, CLICK HERE

Thriller Studio Tour – USA
What a perfect way to remember the biggest artist and the biggest selling album of all time than visiting the Studio where Thriller was recorded! For more information, CLICK HERE

There are more events of course with for example a Thriller Live show, all the impersonators and of course other fan gathering. You can find more on our MJ Event Calendar HERE

No matter what you do on June 25, the most important is that you do what you think is best to remember Michael. Staying at home watching Moonwalker with friends, sitting down in a park alone and thinking about Michael, go to see a show, … No matter what you do, Michael will be in our thoughts all day.

We love you Michael.