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Exclusive Interview With Matt Forger

Matt Forger was one of those names that has been on our list of ‘People to Interview’ for a long time. As someone who was an integral part of Michael’s career and witnessed the man at work in the studio, his stories were something we needed to share with Iconic readers. What unfolded from our 2 hour interview was insightful to say the least. We talked inspiration, unreleased tracks and projects throughout the years… read more…

Issue 14 Iconic

The Jacket featuring on the cover

Everybody knows how famous the jacket Michael wears on our cover has become. He wore it during the recording of We Are The World back in 1985. But who made it and what became of the jacket? Read more to find out… read more…


The Xscape ‘Contemporized’ Debate

Ever since LA Reid announced the songs on the brand new Michael Jackson album’s solo disc had been ‘contemporized’, battle lines were drawn. Iconic looks at what this really means for Michael’s music… read more…


Fresh from the box

Here it is! Iconic Issue 14 has arrived from the printers today and as you can see, it looks better than ever. Not long now until your copy will be in your hands so you can marvel its beauty. But don’t stare too long, there’s a whole magazine to read!

Issue 14 Iconic

Revealed! Issue 14′s Music & Me Cover

Here it is! The Cover for Iconic Issue 14 – Music & Me! and what you’re looking at is an incredible image of Michael during the recording session for ‘We Are The World’. The image was captured in a moment of reflection in between takes and we thought it was the perfect cover shot to represent our MUSIC issue. Featuring Exclusive insight from inside the studios during the recording of Michael’s biggest albums, this is an issue you will not want to miss!

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