Nicholas Pike

Exclusive Interview With Nicholas Pike

Nicholas Pike was the man responsible for composing the score for Michael Jackson’s Ghosts. He talks exclusively to Iconic Magazine about what it was like working with the King of Pop on his feature film  read more…


It’s Landed

Issue 18 of Michael Jackson Iconic Magazine has now crash landed! The theme is superhero so grab your capes and let’s fly! (Not you Madonna!) Check out what’s happening in the brand new issue, right here read more… 



The new Iconic is all about celebrating Michael Jackson the Superhero, but there were times that his…erm…disguises were questionable. For example before the end of 2008  Michael went out complete with Zorro mask!


Human Hero

In the latest Issue of Iconic, we explore how Michael was a hero to the ordinary person, how his actions changed the lives of people all over the world and how with having actual powers, he had the greatest gift one could give  Check it out…


Monkey Business

Since June 25th we’ve been surrounded by the belief that Michael Jackson is some how still alive and in hiding, playing games with his fans as to his whereabouts. In the latest issue of Iconic, we debunk this ridiculous notion. Read the full article

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