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Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal – The Untold Story

April 11, 2017 • By

Moonwalker! A fan favourite and an 80’s classic. But Michael’s original concept for Moonwalker was far different to the one we know and love. The original title was ‘The Smooth Criminal Story’ and was to based around the song title of the same name and would sit neatly inside Moonwalker as an extended piece. In entering the world of film for the second time, this time as the creator, producer and brains behind the project and in 1985 under the business ‘Smooth Pictures’, Michael began developing a story that was unique for its time and would have been amazing to watch. read more

Fan Made, Short Film

Zombie mom’s ‘Thriller’ parody will make you scream… with laughter!

October 14, 2014 • By

If you’re the mom of a toddler, you’ve likely had a Mombie moment.

It’s that point in the dark of night when your potty-training kid has awoken and you find yourself changing bed sheets, scrubbing the  carpet and washing yet another load of “big-kid” underpants.

Zombie moms parody Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ in ‘Toddler.’

And it’s a moment that Machel Green of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has delightfully captured in a YouTube video parody of Michael Jackson’s Thriller, called “Toddler.”  Green, a former dancer for a theater production company, sings and dances with eight mom friends. read more

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MJVibe’s XSCAPE – Promotional Short Film!

May 11, 2014 • By

Two and a half weeks ago, The Estate of Michael Jackson said they were looking forward to seeing the promotional efforts of all MJ fan clubs. The MJVibe team discussed how we could be different instead of organising a party. Aside from our exclusive HMV launch event, we decided to create a Music short film to the original demo of ‘Xscape’. With none of us being professionals in the film industry, we decided to adopt Michael’s attitude to challenge ourselves and try something new…. read more

Interactive, Short Film

Behind The Mask ~ Alternative Version

February 25, 2014 • By