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World Music Awards 2006 – What REALLY happened!

November 15, 2017 • By

If being a Michael fan was a legible job, I often wonder what would be in it’s description; loyal defend? campaigner? supporter? justice fighter? All come with the element of being ready for battle. As a fan it’s become our recognised role to fiercely defend Michael whenever and where ever possible and more importantly, to set the record straight in the face of lies and fabrication.

As today is the 11th anniversary of the show, I felt it the perfect opportunity to finally set the record straight about something that well and truly made want to scream. The subject? The World Music Awards 2006 and the wide spread claims that Michael was ‘booed off stage,’ which is 100%, categorically untrue and I know this because I was there. Sadly what is the greatest day of my life, second only to the day I met Michael, which co incidentally was the day after the world music awards, was ultimately a catastrophic day for Michael and in order for me to debunk the booing claims I need to outline the events that led up to the claim. read more

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Why Michael Jackson Was An Actual Superhero!

October 12, 2017 • By

The primary role of a superhero is to save people. Whether that be from an end-of-the-world style disaster, a personal situation or a life threatening conundrum, the superhero is there to swoop in and give that person the chance to continue living their life, normal and trouble-free. In popular culture, our superheroes usually don a spandex-style creation with the occasional matching cape and most importantly they possess a super power. In popular culture the superhero is often misunderstood, alienated and vilified by the police and press, and the public are suspicious of his motivations (sound familiar?). However, he manages, with one big display of heroism and compassion, to change the hearts and minds of the people and become a celebrated hero. read more

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August 26, 2017 • By

Long time no see! Iconic Magazine Issue #24 is finally out!

YES! We have waiting a long time to see the new issue of Iconic Magazine but it is now here and ready for you to read!

In this issue – LEGACY – Dancer and Choreographer Lavelle Smith Jr. and Music Engineer Jean-Marie Horvat are both talking about Michael’s legacy, their experience working with the King of Pop and much more memories that you don’t want to miss reading!

Every path you take you’re leaving your legacy! Famous words sung by the King of Pop back in 1995…But what of his legacy? read more


Iconic Magazine Exclusive : Lorraine Fields

December 29, 2015 • By

zombies web

Many will recognise Lorraine Fields as the sassy lady on the stairs who gets up close and personal with Michael before stealing his wallet in Smooth Criminal. She had previously featured alongside him in Thriller as one of the lead zombies. In Issue 21 of Iconic Magazine, the dancer shares her unique experiences on working with Michael. Here’s a sneak peek at this exclusive Interview…

How was Michael during the shooting and rehearsal for Thriller? How did he match up to the trained dancers? read more

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Iconic Magazine Issue 21 has arrived!

December 15, 2015 • By

The New Iconic Magazine has arrived! Tittled ‘The Dance’, Issue 21 is full of dance moves! Not one! Not 2! But 3 of Michael Jackson’s Dancers have spoken to the Iconic team about their time with Michael on sets of videos and tours.

Kevin Stea, known from his debut on ‘Black or White’ as well as his dance move on ‘Blood on the Dance floor’; Lorraine Fields, dancer on ‘Thriller’ and ‘Smooth Criminal’ and Barry Lather from ‘Captain Eo’ and ‘Ghosts’. read more