You all know the French duo, Les Twins from their performance at Immortal World Tour with Cirque du Soleil (remember the walking shoes).

Les Twins won the “World of Dance” season one championship by the skin of their teeth. The three finalists — Les Twins, Eva Igo, and Swing Latino — each performed twice, and Les Twins went into the second round with a narrow lead. But Igo threw down the gauntlet when she opened the second round of competition. She got the single highest judges’ score of the night (96.3), but all Les Twins had to do was maintain a higher average score, and that’s exactly what they did with an energetic routine to Michael Jackson and Janet Jackson‘s famous duet, “Scream.”

“That was dangerous,” said judge Ne-Yo about their decision to dance to such a well-known song with such a famous music video, but he applauded their verve saying, “You took it and you Les-Twinned it.” Added Jennifer Lopez, “It’s been such a pleasure watching you. This particular performance was great … It was so powerful.” And Derek Hough commented, “When you hit [your moves] it’s so strong … There’s definitely something about you that’s undeniable.”

This performance received a score of 94.7 from the judges, which was less than the marks Eva Igo received for her second routine, but it was just enough to keep Les Twins on top. They finished with a final average of 93.8, just two-tenths of a point ahead of Igo with 93.6.

Congratulation Les Twins! Great performance as usual!

SOURCE: Gold Derby