This is clearly a Sunday question!
Since Michael passed away in 2009, the amount of impersonators has multiplied like crazy! Tribute shows are all over the world and it is really difficult to find who does what and who is really the best impersonator to see live!

At MJVibe we are trying to put all those shows in our MJ Event Calendar and frankly I get lost some times but one thing I have noticed is that all of them are #1 Tribute act, chosen by the fans, played in front of millions and so on!

Well, it is time we do ask the fans their opinion, no?

Obviously, there are thousands of them so feel free to let us know who is missing…

You will have a week to vote and the result will be announced on Sunday 12 March 2017. Voting will end on March 11.

So vote and share with other fans! The more votes this poll gets, the more accurate the result will be!

NOTE: It is common sense to vote once only and you are voting for who you think is #1 Impersonator, in YOUR opinion. Please respect the opinion of others. This is also a free poll, no monetary is involved. Any proof of trickery, the impersonator will be disqualified (I know, shame we had to put that in). Also this is for fun, no harm intended to any of the tribute act in this poll.