The last few months we have been dealing with a lot of crap from the press and from that who should not be named. Fans around the world have been busy fighting all this in every single angle possible but here are the fact: Michael Jackson’s Legacy is set in stone and will not be battered.

This week, many of Michael Jackson’s albums came back into the charts and this is just proof that Michael Jackson’s legacy is still alive. 3 of his album are on the Top 100 UK Charts: ‘Number One’ (55), ‘Thriller’ (66) and ‘The Essential’ (89). Even more, those 3 albums are in the top 100 of physical sales respectively with ‘Thriller’ (46), ‘The Essential’ (69) and ‘Number One’ (79). Even ‘This is It’ is on the 40th position of the Streaming chart! Clearly the general public does not care about the stupid news!

What more can we say? well the following video is part of a French Documentary from 2010 showing an indigenous tribe in the Amazon Rainforest reactions to different events in the modern world. Despite most of what they have been shown was unknown to them, all of them left their hands to the question “Who know Michael Jackson?” when watching footage of the HIStory World Tour:

Michael Jackson is also a trade mark! Everyone knows and recognises  the glove, the socks, the short trousers, the fedora as his trade marks. He found a great way of mastering branding, and he was very consistent with his creative ideas. No matter where you go in the world, you will think Michael Jackson if you see one of those items above.

Michael made sure to trade mark his own name and he was one of the first artist to do so!

This also apply to his dance moves: The toes, the Moonwalk, the crotch grab and so on, all signature moves in his arsenal.

Michael Jackson’s dance moves, his style, his songs and his humanitarian work are his legacy. Despite all the negative press, the world will remember him for what he was: The greatest Entertainer to grace this earth! Have you ever seen a person leave the dancefloor in protest to a Michael track being played? Or do they aimlessly grab their crotch and try in vein to Moonwalk?!

We see new generations coming knowing who he was, dressing like him and mimicking his moves and this will carry on his legacy!

SOURCE: Official Charts / MJVIBE