Congratulations to Rodrigo Teaser for winning the MJVibe Poll for #1 Michael Jackson Impersonator.

With 2,313 votes out of 9,595, Rodrigo secured 1st place, which is 24.1% of the votes out of 45 impersonators.

The poll finally offered Michael’s fans the chance to vote on who was their favourite impersonator. So often many have claimed to be the ‘World’s Number 1’ but never specified according to whom. As fans, we’d never been asked to take a vote, so we decided it was time to offer up that opportunity.

Throughout the week long poll, it was surprising just how many impersonators there are out there paying tribute to Michael and we received a lot of submissions with fans nominating their favourite. In addition, it’s been great to see enthusiasm from the community to help crown this year’s winner. With that in mind however, everybody who chooses to pay tribute is doing their bit to help keep the legacy going.

This poll was never about pitting impersonators again each other, it was about giving the fans the chance to show the support for their favourite and that’s why you’ll see below, such diversity in the results with every submission receiving votes in their favour.

Once again, congratulations to Rodrigo Teaser and all Michael’s fans who chose him as their Number 1.

MJVibe’s Certificate to Rodrigo:

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