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L.A. Reid Masters Michael Jackson’s “Xscape” at Bernie Grundman’s

April 15, 2014 • By

L.A. Reid Masters Michael Jackson’s “Xscape” at Bernie Grundman’s

Eight Previously Unreleased Michael Jackson Songs    
Pictured (L-R) in session at Bernie Grundman Mastering are executive producer L.A. Reid and mastering engineer Bernie Grundman.  Photo by David Goggin.
  Epic Records Chairman/CEO L.A. Reid was in session recently at Bernie Grundman’s for the mastering of Michael Jackson’s “Xscape.”  The collection of eight previously unreleased Jackson songs was curated by Reid, who also decided on the final tracklist. 

“Michael left behind some musical performances that we take great pride in presenting through the vision of music producers that he either worked directly with or expressed strong desire to work with. We are extremely proud and honored to present this music to the world,” Reid said. 

Grundman mastered most of Michael Jackson’s albums, many times with recording engineer Bruce Swedien, including “Thriller,” the most successful album of all time with more than 40 million in sales.  L.A. Reid recalled that his very first mastering session was with Bernie Grundman in 1983. read more

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‘You Know You Want Me’ #3

April 12, 2014 • By

‘YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME’ is a collector reference within Iconic Magazine!

Every weeks, we will show you one item to collect! This week item is the beautiful Pop-up ‘DANGEROUS’ Album – what a piece of art!

Have you got it?

Check out the latest ‘YOU KNOW YOU WANT ME’ on page 43 of ICONIC MAGAZINE ISSUE 14.


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Track List Confirmed??

April 12, 2014 • By


LMJ Netherlands has been invited to listen to XSCAPE in Los Angeles and from their Exclusivity, the track list has been mentioned:

Love Never Felt So Good


She Was Loving Me

A Place With No Name

Slave To The Rhythm

Do You Know Where Your Children Are

Blue Gangsta


MJVibe will wait for the official bodies to announce the Final Track List as LA Reid & the Estate have said that the track list might change at the last minute.


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Sony & Michael Jackson’s CD Manufacturing

April 11, 2014 • By

While we are waiting for the brand new Michael Jackson XSCAPE album, Let’s go back in time back in the 1995! Sony Music presents the CD manufacturing process for Michael Jacksons History Album.





‘Contemporize’ – A word that’s ruffled a few feathers.

April 11, 2014 • By

“Contemporize”, This is the word LA Reid used to describe the work by various producers on the forthcoming release by Epic and the Estate, Xscape and it’s this that seems to have caused fresh debate. Now unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, then you’ll know all about the artwork, the planned release and the number of tracks. But it seems, that whilst we are back in the throng of ‘mania’, the battle lines have once again been drawn.

So let’s start by establishing what we’re poised to get. There are 2 versions of the album, one standard, one deluxe. The standard edition offers 8 tracks, “contemporized” (we’ll come back to that shortly) by the likes of Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins and Stargate. The deluxe edition boasts 2 discs, one the same as the standard and disc 2 features the same 8 tracks in original form plus a bonus track and 2 videos. There been much speculation about the track list and thanks to various press sources we’ve managed to gage some of what is to be included. Something for everyone, everybody’s happy right? Of course not. read more