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Exclusive: Michael Jackson’s “Hologram” will be a “Slave to the Rhythm”

May 13, 2014 • By


Michael Jackson will appear in the form of a hologram on the Billboard Music Awards this Sunday to sing ‘Slave to the Rhythm’

This is one of the most enticipated news of the week after the release of the new album ‘Xscape’!

Fans around the world will be switching their screens to watch the show and see their idol hoping that the footage use will be as good or even better than the one use for 2Pac and Elvis!

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Special Exhibition in Japan!

May 13, 2014 • By

Sony Music Japan is organising an exhibition of picture of Michael including listening sessions on not Only the Legendary albums of Michael Jackson but also the brand New album ‘XSCAPE’ in High resolution!

Not to mention this event will take place at Sony Music itself which has been dressed in the colours of ‘XSCAPE’


SOURCE: SONY JAPAN / Hideaki Takehana

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An Oral History Of Michael Jackson’s ‘Xscape’ Album

May 12, 2014 • By



JOHN BRANCA (Co-Executor of the Michael Jackson Estate): L.A. Reid did not let us or the fans down. His passion was evident from the beginning.

L.A. REID (Co-Founder of LaFace Records; Currently the chairman and CEO of Epic Records): It started last year of September. No one asked me to oversee this project. It was the other way around. I asked to do it, because being at Epic Records we call this the House That Thriller Built. “Love Never Felt So Good” was the song that really launched the recording process. When I heard that it was just Paul Anka playing piano and Michael singing I smiled. It was as if the sun came out. That day became a beautiful day because that music was coming through my speakers and into my soul. From there I said, “Okay, if the world hasn’t heard this, then there’s an album to made.” read more

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‘Love Never Felt So Good’ to be released in CD Single!

May 11, 2014 • By
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MJVibe’s XSCAPE – Promotional Short Film!

May 11, 2014 • By

Two and a half weeks ago, The Estate of Michael Jackson said they were looking forward to seeing the promotional efforts of all MJ fan clubs. The MJVibe team discussed how we could be different instead of organising a party. Aside from our exclusive HMV launch event, we decided to create a Music short film to the original demo of ‘Xscape’. With none of us being professionals in the film industry, we decided to adopt Michael’s attitude to challenge ourselves and try something new…. read more