New Michael Jackson pictures from Herb Ritts have emerged!

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Billboard Awards preview: Michael Jackson imagery is ‘as if he’s still alive’

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A “real-life” Michael Jackson will appear halfway through the 2014 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday at MGM Grand Garden Arena despite last-minute lawsuits and court filings to block the spectacle.

“It’s as if he’s still alive. He’s totally real. It’s absolutely uncanny. People who have seen just a little of it have become so emotional, they have tears running down their face. They are sobbing because it’s as if he didn’t die,” I was told.

Late Friday, federal judge Kent Dawson ruled here that there wasn’t sufficient evidence to prove that patents on previous hologram 3D images held by two companies and an individual had been violated. read more


Billboard Music Awards Producer Larry Klein on Show’s Michael Jackson Event: ‘It’s Amazing’

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“It’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen,” says Larry Klein, the executive producer for the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. Klein is referring to the Michael Jackson event slated for this year’s show timed with the release of Jackson’s new posthumous album “Xscape” (out last Tuesday, May 13 on Epic). Though details of the exerience have yet to be fully revealed, Klein’s endorsement means more than most.

Over the course of his 40-year-plus career at Dick Clark Productions, Klein has seen performances by everyone from Prince to Madonna to Paul McCartney to, well, Michael Jackson AND Paul McCartney . . . together. “I was working late one night and got a call to go over to Michael Jackson’s house,” Klein recalls. “I was very busy and had a lot of work to do but the person kept saying, ‘This is important, just get over here.’” So I drive over there and knock on the door and it’s Michael Jackson and Paul McCartney and they’re recording together!” read more

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Michael Jackson Featured In June Issue Of Ebony’s Black Music Month Special Tribute

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May is Black Music Month and EBONY is celebrating the accomplishments of pioneers in the entertainment field who have paved the way for the game changers in today’s music industry. The article entitled, “Black Music’s Bosses, Legends, and Game Changers”  was written by Kevin Powell.

“It was an honor to write the four cover stories for EBONY magazine’s Black Music Month special collector’s edition, and to also pen the additional four mini-features inside,” said Powell. “Rarely do you see today’s unstoppable stars like Beyoncé, Rihanna, Kanye West and Jay Z packaged with legends like Tina Turner, Donna Summer or Tupac Shakur, but we did it because when it comes to Black music, it is important to note the deep connection between the musicians of yesterday and today.” read more

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Zac Efron Shares A Story About Speaking With Michael Jackson

May 15, 2014 • By


Zac Efron shares an emotional (and funny) story about speaking to his idol Michael Jackson. Tune in May 15, 2014 to watch!


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