Only joking! 2 kids have been spotted yesterday evening dressed as Michael Jackson and seems to give a show to the passing by cars on a Devon Street!

Captured on camera by Jodie Davis in Ilfracombe at 6.30pm last night. She said “They didn’t have any music playing, they were just clapping and singing themselves. they were amazing”

Maybe the streets of England will be soon full of little Michael Jackson dancing and singing! What a perfect world that will be! Well done boys!

11 year old school boys Billy Randal and Ainsley Sturgess caused a sensation last week when a passer-by filmed them dancing on the pavement to their hero Michael Jackson.

The boys’ mums Annie Randall and Leasia Sturgess say their recent dancing expedition was a bit of a ruse, as both parents thought the boys were at the other parent’s house. That is, until they came back with £3 in a hat and there were videos of them all over Facebook.

The pair became inseparable after Ainsley moved down to Ilfracombe from Bolton with his family last August, and discovered their mutual appreciation from Michael Jackson on the school bus when Billy heard Ainsley singing Man in the Mirror under his breath. Devon Live caught up with the duo to find out what makes them tick

Billy’s Mum said her son was obsessed with Mary Poppins as a baby and she’s just relieved he has found a new thing to obsess over. And Ainsley’s clearly got the bug too: “He does the moon walk so much he has worn down the carpet,” says Leasia Sturgess. Ainsley’s dad, who also busks, said his son takes after him and has always been interested in street performance.

The two young dancers are now planning to take their talents to the next level with a charity dance to raise money for cancer already in the pipeline. Then it’s nothing less than fame and fortune, and possible an audition on Britiain’s Got Talent.

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