Every path you take you’re leaving your legacy! Famous words sung by the King of Pop back in 1995…But what of his legacy?

Issue 24 takes a look at Michael Jackson’s incredible legacy, how he built it and what it looks like today. In addition, this issue also marks the 25th Anniversary of the Dangerous Tour which holds its own legacy.

Highlights for Issue 24:
– Exclusive Interview with Lavelle Smith Jr, Choreographer
– Exclusive Interview with Jean-Marie Horvat, Engineer for Dangerous & Invincble
Also Featured:
– Nothing Good Ever Comes Easy : A Story of Meeting Michael.
– Thriller 3D
– What’s next for the Legacy?
– Invincible – The Last Studio Album
– The Seven Wonders of Michael Jackson
– A Celebration of the Dangerous World Tour

Plus the usual: News, Collectors Reference and much, much more.

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