For those who don’t know Pez, he is the man behind not only MJVibe but also Editor-in-Chief of Iconic Magazine. He is also responsible for Sixteen11 which the home of ‘The Ultimate Collector Book Series’ and his own book “Off The Wall: from the Beginning, brick by brick”, King of Shop – the Michael Jackson Emporium, ‘Making HIStory Exhibition’ and of course the latest addition to his brainstorm: KINGVENTION, The European Michael Jackson Convention. Trust me when I say this will not stop there!

His love and devotion to Michael Jackson is unconditional! I have personally never met a fan so dedicated and passionate as Pez is! And I am sure for those who met him, spoke to him and even cross his path will agree with me on that point!

Pez always tells me that Michael Jackson’s legacy is his music, his dance, his videos (sorry “Short films”) and his Legacy doesn’t need us! But Pez really gives his life dedication to that Legacy and to us, the fans! “I want to create things that if Michael was still with us today, he would be proud of” Oh boy! You made it! Michael would have been so proud! And this is coming from those who worked with the King of Pop himself!

Pez hates to be the centre of attention (and for sure he is going to hate this) but we cannot ignore how much he gave to our community so far! Not only he interviewed over 80 people who worked with Michael Jackson and gave the fans the chance to know how the man’s creativity is working but he also gave us a platform to meet and regroup. Kingvention is one of those! The European Michael Jackson Convention ran 3 years in a row and gave the fans across Europe to come together and enjoy our idol in style!

Pez is turning 30 today! The big 3.0. cannot be ignored and it’s the perfect moment to wish him not only a fantastic Birthday but also to thank him for everything he does for us the fans! (and from a very close source I can reveal that Pez’s brain ain’t stopping there! So be prepared for more coming soon)

So from all of us at MJVibe, King of Shop, Sixteen11 and Kingvention, we wish you a beautiful 30th Birthday and here some special messages from special people in your life:


Dear Pez-an-ator, 30!?!?!?!?! The big 3-0. Thir-tay… Thirsty Thirty.

I’m not far behind you so make the most of your 30’s before you’re 40!

Hope you have a great birthday, and congrats on all your hard work this year – you deserve a drunken birthday bash! Love from your favourite print expert in the whole wide world –

Sam Manning, Rapidity


Dear Pez, what can I wish for a beautiful birthday like this?

First of all I’d like to tell you that I am lucky and happy because I have meet you and all the wonderful people at ICONIC Magazine / MJVibe … you are special people and I’m sure Michael is proud of you all! Pez, I wish you from the bottom of my heart all the happiness in the world, health, strength and luck. I am sure the stars will give you a beautiful and happy life, abundance and successful – as you deserve! 30 is a wonderful age, a new new door is opening right now in front of you and the opportunities are endless! You know how it is: “Men are like wine – some turn to vinegar, but the best improve with age” … you are in the right direction! Again, thank you for everything and good luck in everything you do! Happy Happy birthday, Pez!!! Yours,

Nicu Vidan,


Pez, I wish you a lovely birthday. I am sure you will make this day a very special one and as usual you rock!!!! With all my loves xxx,

Clotilde, HelmBriscoe


Happy Birthday Pez!!  Enjoy your special day throughout the year ahead!  Make it a Thriller! All my best,

Dan Beck, former SVP Marketing & Sales Manager at EPIC/SONY

Message from Jennifer Batten:


Hey Pez!!! Happy Birthday you Jive Turkey!! Hope you have a beautiful day! Hope you get a nice rest. Hope Seb gets all that mj stuff out of your apartment. Bet that would make for a welcome surprise. Hahahaha!  Love ya! Best!

Dorian Holley, Vocal Director


PEZ!!!! I want to wish you the Happiest of Birthdays Brother!!!!! May all your wishes come to fruition be blessed. Muc Love and Respect!

Jean-Marie (Horvat), Sarah Gianni and Solea


To the one that shares my passion for MJ, all my best wishes to you, Pez, on your special day! With fondness,

Kevin Pike


Happiest of Happy Birthdays, Pez! I can tell you from experience, your 30s are the best. Enjoy every moment.



Hey Pez, Kevin Dorsey, Happy Birthday!! I celebrated my 30th with MJ in Tokyo! You have such an amazing life ahead of you so live it, love it, and be it, each and every day! May God bless you to have many many more! Take care,

Kevin Dorsey, Assistant MD, Vocal MD and vocalist.


Happy birthday Pez, May all your dreams come true…

John Isaac


Pez, The big – Three-Oh!! Many congratulations! If there was one age I wish I could stay at – it would be 30. You leave all the angst of your twenties behind and hey, presto just steam ahead!! Invincible… Have a fabulous Off The Wall day – be Bad, be Dangerous!!! Love

Jonathan Morrish

Happy Birthday Pez! Have a fantastic time! Look good for 30!



“Happy 30th Birthday, Pez!!!” On your birthday you are wished all that you hope for. “Kanpai!!!” Much Love,

Yuko Sumida Jackson


What can I say Pez. I’ve seen you go through your 20s and you have grown and developed into an even more incredible man than the one I met outside of Michael’s hotel (you were pretty fabulous back then I should let you know lol)!

Seriously though, this next chapter of your life is going to be so incredible and I feel blessed as your best friend to watch you walk into your thirties doing so many great things. Having a career that you love that is taking you to fabulous places, a finance who loves the bones off of you, (who I happen to think is pretty damn perfect for you and one of my favourite people)! You’re a proud uncle too, something I know you really love. You’re a creative, dynamic and fun entrepreneur. A sound and brilliant mind with many great gifts to share and explore with others…

I personally wanna thank you for being my best friend. Your loyalty, respect, humour, support and kindness have meant more to me than I could possibly say. I love you to bits and I’m so happy to have shared a challenging but fabulous decade laughing, travelling, working, celebrating life and of course Michael with you!

Here’s a toast to you on this amazing day! Keep being you, you’re pretty amazing (you’re even modest enough to not even think of yourself in that way). Have a fabulous birthday Hun, let’s make 30 a fun and fabulous year!


 Message from Paul Johnston-Naylor from HMV Oxford Street:

Happy Birthday Pez! Hope you and Seb have a wonderful day together. Excited to hear what you plan to conquer in your next year ahead, last year was another full of fantastic achievements!! Hopefully you can both visit soon for a nappy changing shift! Lots of love,

Richard & Fiona


Happy 30th birthday, Pez! Hope it’s a good one. Thanks for all you do to keep MJ’s legacy alive and vibrant. Appreciate your support over the years. Sincerely,

Joe Vogel


My dear Brother-in-law, I wish you so many good things for the next 365 days coming. I wish that your 30s brings you happiness, health and love (which you have already!). I send you 30 massive kisses. We love you very much! Happy Birthday from all of us!

Melissa, Jamil, Maeliss & Mina


A fantastic Happy Birthday Pez! A Big thank you for your involvement to keep the memory of our idol alive! I wish you plenty new projects for your 30th year! Kisses,

Fabrice Ancellet a.k.a. Hector Barjot


Dear Pez, A huge happy birthday to you. The world is a better place with you in it. Best to you in all your endeavors!!!

Rob Hoffman


Hey Pez! It’s Eddie! I want to wish you Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day full of handsome food and CAKE!! Talk to you guys later!

Eddie Garcia

Welcome to the 30’s club old man.

WOW we met when you were a teenager and now look at us lol so many amazing memories.

Sorry I can’t be with you today but enjoy your special day, I love you and I’ll see you soon xxx


Kim & Kiara (Gabor) still no clue where that nickname came from hahaha


Happy 30th Birthday Pez! Have a wonderful birthday and hope you have an amazing day 😀.

Steve and Jack x


Happy Birthday Pez! I hope that your day is extraordinary! I really appreciate everything that you do! Your friend,

Steven Paul Whitsitt


Happy Birthday Pez – and many more!

David Nordahl & Lori


Happy Birthday Pez!!!  Hope you have a great Birthday!!!!!

Carol LaMere