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Eddie Garcia on coming to London for his Dance Masterclass & Kingvention

May 24, 2017 • By

On September 30, Kingvention – The European Michael Jackson Convention will make its 3rd outing in London celebrating Michael’s incredible Live career. One of this year’s special guests is principal dancer Eddie Garcia who on September 29, will run a special MJ Dance Masterclass in London as an additional part of Kingvention.

In anticipation for the event, I caught up with Eddie to talk about his coming to London for the first time in over 20 years and also why he’s chosen to teach Thriller at workshop. read more


MJ Dance Masterclass with Eddie Garcia in London

April 21, 2017 • By

Always wanted to Dance with one of the Original Michael Jackson Dancer? Here is your chance! Eddie Garcia, dancer for Michael Jackson on the Bad Tour and Dangerous Tour will be teaching in London on September 29, 2017.

The Event is part of KINGVENTION, the European Michael Jackson which will take place the next day on September 30 in central London.

Fans will have the chance to take part in a special dance masterclass with Bad & Dangerous Tour dancer Eddie Garcia on Friday 29th September at the Rambert Dance Studio in London Waterloo. The two hour session will include the ‘Thriller’ routine, which was originally created by Michael Peters and Michael Jackson as well as the chance to be taught by one of Michael’s principal dancers. read more



March 31, 2017 • By

This is it!!! KINGVENTION, The European Michael Jackson Convention is back and tickets are on sale from today and going fast like hot chocolate croissants!

What to expect this year?

Access All Areas – Celebrating Michael Jackson Live

Kingvention, the European Convention dedicated to Michael Jackson returns to London for the 3rd year on 30th September 2017.

This year, Kingvention will celebrate the incredible LIVE career of Michael under the title ‘Access All Areas’, covering all his tours and breath-taking live performances. There never was and never will be another performer like Michael Jackson, fact! read more

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September 25, 2016 • By

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If you recall, last June we called out to all fans to come to film a video with us in London or to send us a video themed on the song KEEP THE FAITH.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of “DANGEROUS”, the video premiered at the European Michael Jackson Convention, KINGVENTION on September 10 in London. The response was great and fans enjoyed watching the video on a big screen!

Let’s not wait any longer, here the video premier today at MJVIBE:

Please share with your friends and family as the goal is to share Michael Jackson’s Message through celebrating the good things that life has to offer. read more


KINGVENTION: Your feedback!

September 22, 2016 • By


KINGVENTION is over but your feedback is really important!

For those who were lucky enough to be present at this year European Michael Jackson Convention, here few questions that will help the team of KINGVENTION to get better! It will take you just few minutes to complete.

Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you for your time!