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September 25, 2016 • By

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If you recall, last June we called out to all fans to come to film a video with us in London or to send us a video themed on the song KEEP THE FAITH.

To celebrate the 25th Anniversary of “DANGEROUS”, the video premiered at the European Michael Jackson Convention, KINGVENTION on September 10 in London. The response was great and fans enjoyed watching the video on a big screen!

Let’s not wait any longer, here the video premier today at MJVIBE:

Please share with your friends and family as the goal is to share Michael Jackson’s Message through celebrating the good things that life has to offer.

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KINGVENTION: Your feedback!

September 22, 2016 • By


KINGVENTION is over but your feedback is really important!

For those who were lucky enough to be present at this year European Michael Jackson Convention, here few questions that will help the team of KINGVENTION to get better! It will take you just few minutes to complete.

Create your own user feedback survey

Thank you for your time!

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KINGVENTION 2016 celebrated 25 years of Dangerous in style!

September 18, 2016 • By

The European Michael Jackson Convention took place at the Park Plaza Victoria in London on September 10 with 300 fans from around the world attending this special day to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Michael Jackson’s album DANGEROUS!

Japan, New-Zealand, US, South America and China were also represented as everyone came together to celebrate Michael Jackson, his work and his persona.

The day started at 10.30am when the doors opened and fans were there for a treat! A larger than life version of the Dangerous Album cover gave entrance to the Exhibition room, located right in the lobby of the event floor. Fans got the opportunity to have pictures right in the album cover which was pretty cool! This cover was custom printed by the team especially for the event and was inspired by Michael’s ‘Dreams’ commercial in which he gets to run through the album’s cover art.

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VIDEO: Hector at Kingvention

September 14, 2016 • By

Here we go! Hector releases a new video… This time not about collectors but about the European Michael Jackson Convention: KINGVENTION which took place in London last Saturday!

Hector reports what has happened at the convention through his lens!

This is the opportunity for those who unfortunately didn’t go to see a part of the event!


For more information on KINGVENTION, click HERE

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Who will you see at KINGVENTION

August 17, 2016 • By

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KINGVENTION, the European Michael Jackson Convention is only 3 weeks away!

The Event of the year that we are all looking forward to attend will be full of surprises! Not only fans attending will be able to see amazing exhibits like the Moonwalker Mr Big’s Trouper Gun but also some other great items like the ‘Captain EO’ and ‘MOONWALKER’ storyboards and concepts. Steven Paul Whitsitt will be also exhibiting unseen pictures of Michael Jackson! The day will not be completed without a full range of official Michael Jackson Merchandise and a big bang Party at the end of the day!

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