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June 25th

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June 25 commemoration

June 26, 2017 • By

8 years ago, the world has lost the biggest Entertainer on the planet, Michael Jackson. June 25 is still a difficult day for his fans and commemoration and tributes have taken place again on this sad day.

All over the world, fans gathered together in key locations, celebrities and the Jackson family paid their tributes on social media.

The Michael Jackson Estate also paid tribute to Michael with the following statement:

While our hearts remain heavy over the passing of Michael Jackson eight years ago, we take solace in the timelessness of his music and his message. “When I create my music, I feel like an instrument of nature,” Michael once said. “I wonder what delight nature must feel when we open our hearts and express our God-given talents.” For a planet in desperate need of open hearts and compassionate minds, we continue to seek joy and fulfillment in the music and entertainment he shared with us—and express hope that Michael’s message may someday “heal the world,” as he tirelessly strove to do. read more

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Spanish Channel to air “This Is It” on June 25

June 19, 2017 • By
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Ripley’s New Michael Jackson Sculpture to be unveiled on June 25

June 16, 2017 • By

Cristiam Ramos, winner of 20 awards and 2 World Records has been commissioned to create a Michael Jackson sculpture for Ripleys Entertainment Inc. owner of “Ripley’s believe it or not!” Museums, The company commissioned Cristiam a Sculpture of Michael Jackson for the Anniversary of His Death June 25, and this amazing sculpture will be display in some Ripley’s museums in US starting with the Orlando Museum.

The Sculpture is a tribute to pop music in general having as the central point the sculpture of the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The Sculpture is painted with over 40 pop icons faces that have marked the music through the years: Prince, Madonna, Elton John, George Michael, and much more. read more

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Remembering Michael Jackson on June 25

June 15, 2017 • By

With June 25 in few days, fans around the world are preparing to remember the King of Pop! 8 years already since the world has lost the biggest Entertainer ever lived on this planet! It is still hard to believe the new generation and the next are going to grow up without Michael Jackson, his talent, his dance and his music.

Across the world, fans will be remembering and honoring Michael Jackson. Each of us have a different way to do so, from going to see a MJ related show to lighting a candle at home. There is no better way than your own to cope with the grief and of course remembering our idol! read more

June 25th, MJ EVENT, News

Michael Jackson and his poems remembered in China

June 29, 2016 • By

Child star Yu Tianyang and Chinese impersonator Wang Jingyuan dance at a book launch event for Michael Jackson’s “Dancing the Dream: Poems and Reflections” in Beijing on June 25, 2016 to mark the seventh anniversary of his death. [Photo by Wu Bing /] 

A dazzling show rocked Beijing on Saturday at a special book launch for Michael Jackson’s “Dancing the Dream: Poems and Reflections” in China on the seventh anniversary of the King of Pop’s death.

Top Chinese Michael Jackson impersonators Wang Jingyuan, Lu Yuantao, and eight-year-old child star Yu Tianyang danced to MJ’s poems and classic songs. The performances on Saturday were designed around the book “Dancing the Dream,” which was originally released in 1992 but was never published in China until now. read more