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Why Michael Jackson Was An Actual Superhero!

October 12, 2017 • By

The primary role of a superhero is to save people. Whether that be from an end-of-the-world style disaster, a personal situation or a life threatening conundrum, the superhero is there to swoop in and give that person the chance to continue living their life, normal and trouble-free. In popular culture, our superheroes usually don a spandex-style creation with the occasional matching cape and most importantly they possess a super power. In popular culture the superhero is often misunderstood, alienated and vilified by the police and press, and the public are suspicious of his motivations (sound familiar?). However, he manages, with one big display of heroism and compassion, to change the hearts and minds of the people and become a celebrated hero. read more

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Thriller 3D? – You’re going to have to wait until Halloween 2018!

October 10, 2017 • By

So the news out of New York Comic Con is that Thriller 3D will not get its full outing until Halloween 2018! That’s not a typo. We really are talking ONE WHOLE YEAR from now. This comes after some private viewings at Venice & Toronto film festivals and Scream launch events in London, Sydney, Paris, Berlin, Tokyo and Los Angeles. The Estate told MJWN that they had hoped to feature Thriller 3D as the precursor to a new Halloween film release this year, but didn’t find any suitable and so will wait until next year. read more