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NEW BOOK: French Author Isabelle Petitjean’s “Il etait une voix”

April 24, 2017 • By

French Author Isabelle Petitjean just released her new book called “Michael Jackson: Il etatit une voix”.

The edition is so far only available in French but might come in English soon.

The book is about Michael Jackson’s voice since Motown to the last recording with a foreword from Bruce Swedien. The cover has been made by Dominic Renee Paul.

Both Isabelle Petitjean and Renee Paul will be at Kingvention in London on September 30.



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VIDEO: Hector glows in the dark…

April 24, 2017 • By
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VIDEO: Japan Blu-Spec CDs

April 21, 2017 • By

Long time no see! Nobuyuki Momose from Japan is back on Youtube with a brand new video! This is part 3 of the Japan Blu-Spec CDs. The last video was published in December so we were waiting anxiously to see the part 3! 😉

Anyway, here we go



You can also follow Nobuyuki on Facebook HERE

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Could There Be a Michael Jackson x Supreme Collaboration in the Works?

April 14, 2017 • By

It hasn’t been confirmed officially yet but a collaboration between SUPREME and the Michael Jackson Estate may be coming soon. While a few pieces have apparently surfaced on Instagram, only time will tell if Michael Jackson will officially in a limited collection at supreme. So “TBC” has to be put on this news!

Check this out below and let us know what you think? For sure, I am not going to queue for hours if this is the design in place! LOL

SOURCE: Instagram

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VIDEO: Michael Jackson’s Mega Collectors by Hector Barjot

April 12, 2017 • By

This is one of the rare occasion where I go: “OMFG”

Fabrice, aka Hector Barjot has just released a video and it is not to miss! For the big fan collector out there, you will cry like a baby! I know I did cry like a little girl in a candy shop! This video includes breath taking collector so if you have heart conditions, please avoid or watch it with a first aider next to you!

About Hector: YOUTUBE Channel / FACEBOOK