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Hector Barjot & the 7″ Picture Discs

December 18, 2017 • By

Fabrice a.k.a. Hector is back with a brand new video about 7″ Picture discs! You will find all of them in this video!

Did anyone notice the change of T-shirt throughout the video?? Hector, when are you going to do a video about the King of Pop Numbered T-shirts from THIS IS IT?? LOL

Also Hector, Could you get your cleaner to clean at another time? Hard to listen to you with such a distraction! Thank god for the subtitles! LOL

Here the video:

About Hector: YOUTUBE Channel / FACEBOOK / Tipeee read more

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Fuzzball for sale!

December 6, 2017 • By

A new Auction will take place on December 16 but this time, it’s all about Disney! In this Auction you will find 100s of items, posters, staff costumes, signs, manuals, props and so on and as part of Disney, Captain Eo is there too!

The most exciting item is the actual Fuzzball!

(Disney, c.1986) An original radio-controlled animatronic puppet of Fuzzball used during the creation of the film “Captain EO”. This prop includes a signed letter by Rick Baker, certifying the authenticity of the item. The letter reads, “Having personally inspected this piece, I can certify that it is an original radio controlled Fuzzball puppet, created by my studio for the production of the motion picture Captain EO”. This puppet is composed of various materials including foam and latex, and was animated via remote control for the film. The puppet comes displayed in a custom frame box along with imagery from the film and an engraved plaque. The puppet measures approximately 18″ tall, including the tail, and is in very good condition with some minor wear from use. read more

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Japan gets a pin ball slot machine this December

December 6, 2017 • By

We all know how Japan loves games and gambling!

The Estate of Michael Jackson has signed a deal with Sankyo, a company that does pin ball machines which use lighting, visual, balls and music! And now Michael has one called “Fever Michael Jackson”!

“BAD”, “Beat It”, “Smooth Criminal”, “Don’t Stop Till You Get Enough”, “Billie Jean”, “Jam” and “Thriller” made it to the different levels of the fame machine with multiple references to the King of Pop such as the Toaster, the Moonwalk, 777 and so on! read more

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Criminal Kick Limited Edition Print from Daniel Brooks

December 4, 2017 • By

For those who went to Kingvention for the last few years, you will know Daniel Brooks. For those who didn’t, Daniel is an amazing UK Painter who creates paintings of the King of Pop!

You can now own a Limited Edition Print of “Criminal Kick” for £195 (Limited time only)

The original painting, Criminal Kick, from The MJ Series was inspired by Michael Jackson’s classic Smooth Criminal performance.

Title: Criminal Kick
Format: Digital Inkjet Archival Print
Paper: Somerset Satin 330gsm Enhanced Paper
Size: 66x87cm (Printed Image 60x80cm)
Print Run: 250 Prints
Delivery: 5-10 Days read more

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Hector Barjot Special Halloween Video!

November 27, 2017 • By

Hector is back with a special Halloween Special (Better late than never) where he will show you some thrilling socks, Scream about a slow-in-the-dark vinyl and a Scary looking figure! And all wrapped up in a Scream Tote bag!

So here we are:

About Hector: YOUTUBE Channel / FACEBOOK / Tipeee