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Fuzzball for sale!

December 6, 2017 • By

A new Auction will take place on December 16 but this time, it’s all about Disney! In this Auction you will find 100s of items, posters, staff costumes, signs, manuals, props and so on and as part of Disney, Captain Eo is there too!

The most exciting item is the actual Fuzzball!

(Disney, c.1986) An original radio-controlled animatronic puppet of Fuzzball used during the creation of the film “Captain EO”. This prop includes a signed letter by Rick Baker, certifying the authenticity of the item. The letter reads, “Having personally inspected this piece, I can certify that it is an original radio controlled Fuzzball puppet, created by my studio for the production of the motion picture Captain EO”. This puppet is composed of various materials including foam and latex, and was animated via remote control for the film. The puppet comes displayed in a custom frame box along with imagery from the film and an engraved plaque. The puppet measures approximately 18″ tall, including the tail, and is in very good condition with some minor wear from use. read more

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Jonathan Morrish, Special Guest at Kingvention

June 14, 2016 • By


Jonathan Morrish just confirmed he will be joining Dan Beck, Yuko Jackson and Thom Russo for the Live Q&A at Kingvention this year.

Jonathan attended the first Kingvention last year in London and had a standing ovation after his hour long live interview.

Jonathan Morrish is one of the people instrumental in Michael’s career from the Jackson days right up until the release of Invincible in 2001. Beginning as a House Writer in the PR department at CBS records in 1975, Jonathan worked through the ranks to become Vice President, Communications at Sony Music Entertainment in 1995. Through out this journey he had worked as Michael’s ‘PR Man’ and travelled the world at Michael’s side. Jonathan also worked closely with the fan clubs through out this time sharing information about forthcoming plans and single releases, building a positive relationship between the fans and the record company. read more

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Captain EO Infinity not for this year!

March 2, 2016 • By


[new set for Disney Infinity – No Captain EO this year]

In a recent interview with Disney Infinity vice president of production John Vignocchi and studio founder John Blackburn at GamesBeat to announce 4 new sets of the Infinity range, both talked about the possibility to do Captain EO for the game.

Blackburn: The cool one is, he’s been carrying the torch for Captain EO [a 3D film shown in the theme parks starring Michael Jackson] for a long time.

Blackburn: That one’s a challenge for all the approvals. A lot of times, when we’re working on these things, the stakeholders have rights as to whether or not we can do things and we need to make sure we’re happy with what we do. It happens that Captain EO is the most complicated one that we’ll ever run into. read more

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The Making of ‘Captain EO’: Lucas, Coppola, and Michael Jackson’s Messy, Miraculous Disney Space Adventure

December 5, 2015 • By

By the mid-1980s, the Walt Disney Co. was at a crossroads. While the entertainment conglomerate was still beloved for its classic films and theme parks, it had struggled in recent decades to retain its relevance in the post-Star Wars blockbuster era. Ever since the death of the company’s namesake founder, Walt Disney, in 1966, the studio had churned out only a handful of hits (including The Love Bug and The Rescuers) and no shortage of expensive duds, like Black Hole and Dragonslayer. In 1984, one of the studio’s theatrical hits was a reissued version of Pinocchio — a movie that was by then more than four decades old. read more

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Epcot to close Michael Jackson-based attraction … again?

November 14, 2015 • By


The end may be near for the iconic Michael Jackson-based attraction, Captain EO, at Epcot.

Social media got wind of the closure via a sign — that may have been put out in guest areas prematurely — stating the last “farewell mission” for the ride would be on Dec. 6. Reports are the sign is no longer in the guest area, but you can see a picture of the sign from Twitter below.
Disney has yet to share any details on the sign, but it’s an interesting turn for the attraction that has endured a series of openings and closures in recent years. It originally operated at Epcot from 1986 through 1994 when it was closed for Honey, I Shrunk the Audience, and was re-opened as a tribute to Jackson after his death in 2009. read more